“Eolie is the first windmill for individuals with vertical axes that you can easily install yourself and connect to a simple power outlet to enjoy your self-produced energy”

This innovative micro-wind turbine is low-noise, produces no drop shadow and with its beautiful design, it allows you to enjoy CO2-neutral and local energy in a very pleasant way.

Eolie is easy to install, without the use of heavy machinery or specific materials. A short preparation for the foundation and the installation itself is carried out in 1 to 2 hours.

When you have finished installing, we will check your installation for free.

Eolie has a maximum power of 500 watts. On an annual basis you can expect a production between 1500kwh and 2000kWh, if your Eolie is ideally placed and correctly installed and average wind speeds are high enough.

Enter the era of the windmills with the installation of your own Eolie, in all simplicity.

Be sure to check out our Technical Sheet and the Installation Guide.

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