General Conditions


1. The general terms and conditions apply to all agreements concluded with Solar Enterprise, part of R.Elise, BE0875.509.033. The conditions of the co-contractor (hereinafter referred to as “the customer”) are explicitly excluded. These general terms and conditions form an integral part of the agreements and can only be deviated from in writing.

2. The customer acknowledges having taken note of these general terms and conditions and has accepted these in full. Studies, quotations and agreements.

3. Photographs, catalogs, brochures or other publicity documents supplied by Solar Enterprise do not have any contractual value. The quotations remain valid for one month.

4. The customer makes his order by accepting the valid offer by signing by a legally authorized person (hereafter called “offer / agreement”). Orders are only binding after receipt of the signed offer / agreement, payment of the full amount and notification by the customer of all information necessary for the actual performance of the services. If Solar Enterprise comes to the conclusion that the system can not be installed for any technical reason, Solar Enterprise can terminate the agreement without compensation.

5. All studies, plans, documents, sketches, drawings and designs remain the property of Solar Enterprise, protected by intellectual rights. When handed over to the customer, they may not be misused by the customer or third parties. The customer is exclusively responsible for any abuse and Solar Enterprise reserves the right to claim compensation. The above documents must be returned at the first request.

6. The customer informs Solar Enterprise as soon as a response from the subsidy authorities has been received. Delivery of the goods (if no installation)

7. The delivery periods for materials are only provided by way of information and do not bind Solar Enterprise. Delay in the delivery therefore does not entitle to compensation or to dissolution of the agreement.

8. Any transport costs are, unless otherwise specified, at the expense of the customer.

9. If the customer does not collect any goods on the date notified to him, Solar Enterprise reserves the right to consider the agreement as terminated after expiry of a term of 15 days, without prior notice of default. The parties acknowledge this as an expressly binding clause.

10. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, the risk of the goods passes to the customer after delivery or after notification of collection by the customer. The storage of the goods awaiting collection by the customer is therefore at the risk of the customer. All goods will remain the property of Solar Enterprise as long as the invoice concerning these goods has not been paid in full.

11. The customer undertakes to provide Solar Enterprise with all information necessary for the installation.

12. The execution is suspended due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Solar Enterprise and without any payment being due, if the customer is notified of this within 14 days after the incident. When the execution is suspended or interrupted by the customer or his appointees, the customer owes compensation to Solar Enterprise for the damage suffered. Solar Enterprise itself decides when it can restart the works, without any compensation for delay being due.

13. The yard must be made available by the customer at his own expense to enable the normal execution of the work. The customer undertakes, on the one hand, to remove at the place of delivery all objects that might hinder and on the other hand take the protection of all objects that he leaves on the spot during delivery and placement.

14. Electricity for the execution of the works can be provided by the customer.

15. Useless travel costs and excessively long waiting times (more than 1 hour), due to the customer or his / her appointees, will be charged to the customer.



Liability of Solar Enterprise

20. Any warranty and / or liability with regard to the delivered or installed products is in any case limited to the manufacturer’s guarantees provided.

21. Solar Enterprise is not liable for minor changes in construction, sizes, color and design made by the manufacturer, unless from the tender / agreement would explicitly show that the construction, the dimensions, the color or the design is an essential component of the customer’s differences in the color or the dimensions of the goods, as far as they are technically point of view can not be prevented, are generally accepted or are typical of the used materials.

22. Solar Enterprise can not be held liable, nor does it provide any guarantee a cover: o for the defects of raw materials, materials and products of one certain quality, origin or type and their processing, imposed by the customer in spite of the written and reasoned reservation from Solar Enterprise o for defects or damage resulting from force majeure, abnormal use, irregular maintenance, fault of the customer or a third party, wear and tear or external influences, … o for the goods that have been modified or modulated with elements that were not installed or supplied by Solar Enterprise or for goods that were assembled or disassembled by companies other than Solar Enterprise.

Price & Payment

23. The price is expressed in Euro, taxes not included. The prices that appear in photos, catalogs, brochures or other publicity documents only have an indicative value. Solar Enterprise is only bound by the prices stated on the accepted offer / agreement.

24. The invoices of Solar Enterprise are payable within 8 days after the invoice date at the registered office of Solar Enterprise, to the account number as stated in the invoice, quotation / agreement, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

25. Any payment facilities that could exceptionally be authorized by Solar Enterprise do not bind Solar Enterprise for future agreements.

26. All invoices are deemed to have been accepted if they are not disputed by registered letter within 8 days of receipt by the customer.

27. The payment is only executed by the customer after Solar Enterprise has received the fully invoiced price.